a word to young artists

As a young artist, I didn't believe I could ever take my art anywhere, even though deep down, I knew I wanted to. I was always good at drawing and praised for my skills throughout school. I drew all the time, I created my own animations using Powerpoint, and in high school I started to draw digitally. But when I reached the last few years of high school, no matter how much I yearned for it or looked through the art courses, I didn't take any art classes, effectively making it impossible to take an art course. Why? Because I didn't believe in myself. My skills were, in my opinion, at a level that only allowed it to be a hobby.

There is one main change I made in myself that pushed me to follow my illustration dreams... 

I stopped comparing myself to others.

Simple as that. For years, I would admire other artists and try to be just like them, and try their styles, and become frustrated when I wasn't as good as them. How simple a thing it was to finally accept that my very own style was unique and beautiful. Once I'd decided this, I USED my style. I drew more than I ever did before and didn't stop once to compare myself to anyone else, and instead saw the beauty in my own artwork. Now, I'm unstoppable. It doesn't matter what I create because every piece has a bit of my heart in it, which instantly makes it beautiful and meaningful. Even if I draw a piece I'm not completely happy with, it doesn't make my motivation flop - it does the exact opposite. It makes me even more motivated to draw more, because every piece of artwork brings me closer to my dream. I'm EXCITED to draw.

I want to encourage every young artist out there who may look up to me and wonder, how did she get here? I'm here to tell you that anything is possible if you give yourself wholeheartedly to your artwork and TRULY believe in yourself. I told myself for years I did, but I didn't really - I was only dabbling. The possibility that I might take my art somewhere one day was enough to satiate me, but the bottom line is if you're passionate about something, you can't dabble - you have to pour your whole heart into it without looking back. It is NEVER too late to start. I went through both high school and university before I finally told myself, now is now - it's time to see if I can take my art somewhere beautiful. And I did. And you can too.

If you're a young artist who found comfort in these words, I would love to hear your story and see your work. Send an email and say hi anytime.