#giftartformamas is a campaign I started on Instagram in September of 2015. As well as inspiring artists, I am constantly in awe of the talented and hard-working mothers who share their lives and passions via social media. Aspiring to be a children's illustrator, I find I'm most inspired by real stories and real children, and many of these darling stories have come from these mums who decide to share their hopes, dreams, fears and doubts for their children with the world. I think this is an admirable thing, as it allows these mamas to come together in support, from all walks of life, for one ultimate purpose: to love and raise their babies as best as they can. I decided I wanted to make artwork for these loving mothers of their children, to remind them to keep up their amazing stride and to encourage them to continue sharing their journey. Through this act of giving, for which I ask nothing in return, I have connected with many amazing mothers and have been able to grow as an artist. Nothing makes me happier than to give the gift of my artwork, and the gratitude I have received has far exceeded my expectations. I will continue to run #giftartformamas for as long as I can.

Know someone who deserves a gift from me? Email me at caitlyn.burchell@gmail.com or dm me on instagram to nominate a deserving mama. Must be on instagram and a public account.